Mrs. Sadia Rashid

President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan & Chancellor Hamdard University

Hamdard Intermediate College for Science & Commerce (HICSC) is an educational project of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said whose aim was always to offer, in one spot, education from Primary to the Post-graduate level – the spot being Madinat al-Hikmah. The revival of Hamdard Intermediate College has indeed re-opened avenues for many aspiring students to move forward from school to post-graduate level, and get closer to achieving their educational goals.

The Founder of this institution, a noble servant in the cause of education, dreamt of instilling high moral values, development of a wholesome personality and character-building of the students, to make them self-reliant citizens of society. I firmly believe that the Hamdard Intermediate College is more than just a place to learn!  It strives to be a place which imparts discipline, moral and organizational skills, and, in addition to the curriculum, also co-curricular education. With a team of devoted and experienced faculty, the College strives to provide a healthy educational environment to its pupils, and become a centre of excellence in all aspects.

I look forward, along with my team, to welcoming you to Hamdard Intermediate College and wish you the best of fortune.