Mr. Syed Iqbal Hussain

Principal, Hamdard Intermediate College

Mr. Syed Iqbal Hussain is working as a Principal of the Hamdard Intermediate College for Science and Commerce. He is an organized professional with proven management and teaching qualities. He worked as a Coordinator to Vice Chancellor at Hamdard University Karachi. He is MSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of Karachi, and inclusive contribution in starting and establishing Hamdard Intermediate College. He has past 30 years of teaching and administrative experience as a Senior Vice Principal in Bahria College Karachi, Pakistan Navy. The College achieved highest GPA and Board position under his command and leadership. 

The Principal has immense confidence in the vision of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said late the Scholar and the Founder Chancellor of Hamdard University.

The Principal determines to provide the quality Education at Hamdard Intermediate College with the aims and objectives to formulate young minds with both mental and physical potentials to enable students to face the challenges and shoulder the responsibilities in life with confidence and take pride in religion, country, culture, heritage and profession.

 Moreover, development of personal qualities like honesty, integrity, and self-discipline and diligence etc. through appreciation, and rewards.